4th Anniversary Show and What Women Need to Know About Men

This show is a celebration of several different things and we will also have some juicy talk about what women should know about men – so lots things happening on this show. This is Ready for Love Radio #160 which is exciting all by itself, but its also the 4th anniversary on the New Visions Radio Network. It also happens to be the 4th Anniversary for New Visions Radio – which launched 4 years ago on September 1 2013. And – its the 1 year anniversary for our program director Ray Powers. Whew – how about that for a lot to celebrate all in one week? I mention all these things in the show — I’ll also share some fun “tributes” and comments from a variety of friends and associates for Ray in the show and you will just have to tune in to see who and what they have to say 😉

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Some Topics We Discuss – We May or May Not Agree

  • You Can’t Change Him
  • You Shouldn’t Take it Personally When He Checked Out Other Women
  • He Wants to Try Anal
  • He Wants You to Seduce Him
  • He Wants You to Need Him
  • He Wants You to be His Muse
  • Withholding Sex is a Dangerous Game
  • He’s Jealous of All Your Straight Guy Friends
  • He Wants You to Seduce Him
  • Whatever You Want in Bed, He Will Do It
  • You Should Let Him Open Your Doors
  • Speaking of Threesomes, He Will Never Stop Asking

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