9 Top Female Fantasies

I found a list of the top 9 female sex fantasies – and of course I had to share them. Take a look and let me know what you think. I’m going to share the main fantasies and at the bottom of the page, click the link to read the full article —

The fantasy headers are from Gabrielle Moore – the comments are from me 🙂

1. Her Dominating You

Maybe your woman wants to dominate you – its awesome to be wanted or even craved by our special someone. I have also been told by many men that they like for their partner to take the initiative – let you partner know that you WANT them… and then show them just how much.

2. You Dominating Her

On the other hand, maybe your lady wants you to dominate her. She may work and manage the house and care for the kids and many other things. Some of us get tired of being in charge all the time 🙂 So its nice to not have to take charge for a change. But let me offer a suggestion – even when you’re “in charge” listen to her comments and sighs and watch her reactions to see what she is enjoying and what you may want to do differently. If you’re giving her oral sex or giving her a massage – watch her reactions and listen for her reactions. If you aren’t getting the reactions you want, switch things up or ask her to show you what you wants… and then follow her lead.

3. Hot For Teacher

Role playing can be a lot of fun when both partners are fully engaged. Does she fantasize about a hot teacher she had in school or maybe a well built and appealing fireman? There are unlimited options – watch her reactions when you’re watching TV, or a movie or are in public. What gets her attention?

4. Stranger Danger

Guys I might shock you with this, but women think about having a hot encounter with a stranger. Likely she wouldn’t actually do it, but that doesn’t mean she can’t think about it. That means, this fantasy opens up another role playing option for you and your partner.

5. Three’s Company Too

I think most people know what many men fantasize about a threesome with 2 women. Well, there are more women female-sex-fantasies-woman-in-chargethan you may imagine, that fantasize about the same thing. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t like men, it just means she may be curious to see what its like to be with a woman in some ways and she may want to see how you interact with another woman and herself.

6. Three’s Company Too (Part 2)

The other side of the threesome idea is to be with two men and this is something many women think about. That doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to see her man get physically involved with another man – maybe she just wants her partner and another man to spoil her rotten. Maybe she wants to try double penetration or a number of other combinations.

7. She likes to watch…

Some women enjoy seeing their man masturbating – maybe she sneaks a peak at him in the shower. Could be anywhere, but if you want to watch, tell him. In combination with fantasy #8 – you could engage in mutual masturbation. Maybe you watch one another pleasuring yourselves – watch how your partner pleasures themselves, you will get valuable insights into what feels good to them. Watching each other can also evolve into pleasing each other with your hands, your mouths, or any other parts of your bodies —–

8. She likes to be watched

Do you like to be watched? I’ve spoken to many men who want to or enjoy watching a woman pleasuring herself. And a major perk to having him watch is that he’ll be anxious to join you. If you get the opportunity to let your partner watch, keep in mind that its a chance to show him what you like too.

9. Dancing Queen – 

I have no sense of rhythm when it comes to dancing, but I’d love to have a special someone dance for me…..

Read the full article here – http://www.gabriellemoore.com/female-orgasm/top-female-fantasies-revealed/


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