About the Show

A Little Information About Ready for Love Radio 

Why did I decide to start Ready for Love Radio? I’ve been asked this question and I’ve commented on it frequently on the show. It is also a question I think about each week and every time I reach out to a potential guest. So, I wanted to share the full story behind the show. It is kind of a long story….

My First Radio Show

My radio hosting journey started in March 2008 when I launched my first radio show on BlogTalkRadio. It was a promotional show where I interviewed authors who were friends and clients. They are a bit rough to say the least, but my guests enjoyed the exposure, I had a lot of fun and it was a great way to promote my clients. The show is still archived and over the years, I’ve occasionally interviewed clients from time to time so they could have an MP3 to share on their website.

Strict Background

For perspective on the next part of the story I need to share that I was raised in a very religious home. In a recent show, I discovered it was one of the religions that produces the highest levels of guilt in their members – that wasn’t news to me. But, it confirmed what I always thought and felt.  I also know there are many other women who come from similar backgrounds and can understand the feelings.

Studying at Loveology University

In 2009, I started doing promotional work for Dr Ava Cadell, the founder of Loveology University, it was the beginning of an interesting new journey that would bring unexpected changes in my life. I started out promoting Loveology University and handling her social media presence and over time I signed up for the Love Coach certification curriculum. The training includes 30+ classes in a wide variety of topics that pertain to love, relationships, intimacy and sex. (Click the link to see the topics.) At first I started taking the classes just to learn more about Dr Ava so I could promote her better. But, then something strange started to happen…

I Start Noticing the Changes

As I studied the various classes I started to notice that my feels about myself were different. It is hard to explain, but that guilt and shame and that crushing weight that I’d always had – started to ease up. I was feeling better and more positive about myself. If you looked at the course curriculum you saw there are a lot of classes about sexual topics, but for the first time in my life, I was talking about sex and intimacy but I wasn’t feeling guilty. The more I studied, the more I learned and the better I felt.

My Mother Noticed the Changes

One of the most revealing moments happened near the beginning of my studying. It was during the time my mom was dealing with cancer and was still feeling well enough to get out of the house and do things. We took off for the day and when we got back to the house she got out of the car and turned back to me and said, “I don’t know what’s causing the change, but you seem happier than I’ve seen you in years. Whatever it is, keep doing it.” She was one of the only people in my family that I told about the Love Coach classes and I told her about most of them were about… although not all of them.  She died about two months later and the fact she was able to see such a change still means a lot to me.

Various Ways to Share the Coaching Message

As I was working my way through the Love Coach curriculum and I noticed changes in myself – I had to share the things I was learning with other people. Certainly, if it could help me feel better, it could help other people feel better too. First, I started a blog – I called it My Love Coaching Journey.  That name applies even long after I passed the final certification exam, because that was only the first leg of this exciting coaching journey. My relationship books are another part of my coaching journey and I have many more books planned. The Love Accept and Respect Yourself program is one of my proudest parts of my coaching accomplishments and I’m working on a new way for people to experience that program that I hope to share this summer (2017). Each of these things gives me the opportunity to share information that I’ve learned through my coaching training, my own experience and additional research that I continue to do each and every day.

Ready for Love Radio is “Born”

I was approached in February 2011 about starting a relationship radio show after I’d been doing guest appearances on a lot of radio shows. It was something I’d considered, so when a network hired me for an open slot for a show, I accepted it.  After a short time I wasn’t satisfied with the network and left. But then I was approached about being one of the shows to help launch a new internet radio network, New Visions Radio. Beginning in September 2013, starting with the original shows, Ready for Love Radio relaunched on New Visions Radio. The first 19 shows were 30 minutes long and then I switched to 60 minute shows.

Show Name, Format and Who Did I Want to Reach

This new show needed a name and I wanted to provide information to help people to improve the quality of their lives. If you’ve heard any of my shows, you likely know that I feel strongly that it is critical for us to love, accept and respect ourselves. We need to love ourselves – we are then in a much better position and mindset to love, respect and accept our partner. Once we are able to love ourselves in a healthy way, we are more likely to be ready for love. This is helpful for us whether we’re single and looking for love or if we’re already in a relationship and want to make it better. You will also notice that I include a “lovework” assignment in some shows – some assignments for you to do that relate to the content of the show. You will also usually find links to my guest’s website and often a free gift on the show page on my website.

I knew that I didn’t want to be a “shock jock” – that was too easy. I wanted to cover relationship, intimacy and sexual topics in a responsible, educational but also entertaining way. I wanted to keep the shows casual – like my guests and I were having a conversation and just letting the audience listen in. You don’t know this, but those are the instructions I give every guest before we start their interview. When I initially talk to any prospective guest, I visit their Facebook page, their website, I might check out their book(s) on Amazon – if they are published, any videos on YouTube, and on and on. Then I either suggest a topic I want to discuss or ask what they would like to discuss. I send them a copy of my show information packet which explains the show’s mission. I also ask them to send me some talking points and to suggest some questions they would like to discuss. I want to focus on what they are passionate about in our interview. Once we start the interview, we talk about their suggestions, but I also ask them whatever questions may pop into my head as we talk. Sometimes, I may also post an inquiry on my Facebook page asking for questions.

Who Would I Interview and What Kind of Shows Would I Do

I interview a wide variety of coaches, sexologists, intimacy experts, authors, therapists, counselors, a yoga guru, etc but I’ve also had many other unexpected people on the show. Some of these include – a teen model, a step mom, a suicide prevention advocate, an adoptive father, several musicians, actresses, editors, a porn star, and many other interesting jobs – you also truly never know who I may interview next…. But I can promise they will have something interesting to bring to the conversation, that I feel will be beneficial.

I wanted to do shows that would cover a variety of information –

  1. help people understand normal everyday topics in more detail
  2. educate people about unusual topics they might’ve heard about but don’t really know about
  3. answer those questions about things you’ve only imagined or fantasized about
  4. tackle those taboo topics that you were afraid to ask about for whatever reason
  5. dig into topics that other people won’t discuss – may include sexual assault, sex trafficking, domestic violence, suicide or other topics that are difficult to talk about

Those are just a few examples, but they will give you an idea of the scope of the things I’ve covered in the first 135 shows and will continue to cover. There may be a number of shows you will see in the archives that might not look appealing at the first glance. That’s fine, but consider that these shows are a chance for you to learn about something new and remember that knowledge is power and sexual knowledge is definitely empowering! Even when the show is about something you may never try in your own life, it never hurts to have a better understanding of different people, different lifestyles and options. And, if you change your mind in the future or need the information later on, the archives will be here for you.

*** A Special Message to Women Who Feel Guilty About Their Sexuality

These are the women that I feel a very special sisterhood with and that I want to reach out and hug. You are the people I do this show for each week. I want you to know that if anyone had told me 8 years ago that I would ever have a radio show talking about sex – I would say they had lost their mind. It took many hours of studying and I think the final key for me was when I got to the part of my lessons where I had to acknowledge that I would NOT judge my clients – no matter what they needed to talk with me about. I really feel at that time I realized that I had to stop judging myself too. I want to help you stop feeling guilty and stop judging yourself for your sexual feelings too. I want to help you embrace your sexuality and to have a satisfying and fulfilling sexual and intimate life. I know that listening to my show, it is likely hard to believe, but I really do understand how difficult it can be to let yourself enjoy being intimate with your partner or even pleasuring yourself. I do work with clients and I’d be happy to speak with you too. Whether you contact me about being a client or not – please tune into the show on Thursday nights, 9 pm ET/6 pm PT on www.newvisionsradio.com. Any time, the archives are always available at www.readyforloveradio.com/archives

What I’ve Gotten Out of the Show

I cannot even begin to explain how much I’ve gotten out of being the host of Ready for Love Radio and doing all these interviews and all the research. So many great guests, so many awesome topics, and all those great books. Many times I’ve said that if the guests have benefited even 10% as much as I have, I’m thrilled by those results. It isn’t a joke – I really have learned so much, and so many of the things I’ve learned and the things that have come up in shows that helped me see things in a new way, have been so great. When I edit the shows, I leave my reactions in the podcasts, so there’s an authenticity to the recording you hear. If something really resonates with me or shocks me or creates some other response, you will hear it in the final interview. There are times I hesitate to leave reactions in the final cut – but I always do it. So, for all the listeners, when you listen to the the Ready for Love interviews, know that you’re getting the real me and the real interview that I got out of each guest for you. The edits I did were to clean up the sniffles, sneezes, coughs, and other irritations and techie glitches 🙂 But the reactions you’re hearing are all me and are my guests – I hope you enjoy the messages we bring to you. And – definitely feel free to click on the “Contact” tab at the top of the page or the box in the bottom right corner to let me know what you think of the show.

Last but Definitely Not Least – My #1 Furry Assistant

This is Muze, my #1 furry assistant who has been by my side for every show I’ve done. It only seemed right to include his picture 🙂 He’s in between shows and taking a break while I’m editing….