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A Little Information About the Show

Discussing love, relationships, intimacy and sex in each podcast. Reaching out to women and men who want to improve the quality of their relationships. Helping women who may feel insecure or who have struggled to embrace their sexuality, and want a more fulfilling love life and sex life. Covering a wide variety of topics, some timid, some warmer and some steamy – but all geared to help you learn more about yourself, your life, your body and your relationship.

The purpose of the show is to help people understand themselves better to prepare for a relationship or to improve an existing relationship. It is also to share information that will help them learn and understand more about love, relationships, sex and intimacy.

Before you consider whether your partner is Mr. or Ms. Right, take a look in the mirror.  Are YOU ready for love? We each have our own unique “love print” – it is developed through past experiences, hopes, dreams and passions. Whether you’re single and looking – or involved in a relationship, you’ll find out how to be Ready for Love and begin your journey on the road to your ideal relationship.

So – shows share information about how my guests’ website, product, services etc can help people to understand more about themselves, love, relationships, intimacy and sex — or whichever focus we chose for each show. I am totally open to hearing your suggestions on specifics that you would like to focus on.

If you miss the first airing of any show – you will be able to find the archives.

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