Aphrodisiacs – What Are They and How Do They Work on Ready for Love Radio with Nikki Leigh

Join Nikki Leigh, your Love Coach and the host of Ready for Love radio, as she shares information with you about aphrodisiacs. There are various types of aphrodisiacs and many foods you can consume – that will have aphrodisiac effects on you. Find out what an aphrodisiac is, how they work, many examples, how to incorporate them into your time with your partner and much more.

Feel free to share your aphrodisiac stories, ideas or questions in the comment section for this post.

In the show, Nikki mentions a book by one of her clients that you may want to check out. Its titled Simple Sexy Food and it has 101 recipes that include aphrodisiacs and there is a wealth of information in the book about the history of aphrodisiacs and lore. You can find more information about Simple Sexy Foods by Linda De Villers PhD, by clicking on the title of the book.

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