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Would you like to be a guest on Ready for Love Radio?

Let me Introduce Myself –

I am a Certified Love & Relationship Coach and work with single and married, men and women to help them understand themselves better and to improve their personal & business relationships. I’m an award winning author of 35 books – fiction, non-fiction, business and relationship topics. For much more information, visit

If you’d like to see some of the things I’m doing – this is the link to my current list of relationship books  and this is the link to the sales page for my Love Accept and Respect Yourself 12-part program –   The program is something that I mention often on my show and I enjoy finding ways to share more information on the topics that are covered in that program.  (  This is the show archive –


You can download the information pack here and return it to

Connect with Ready for Love Radio

  • Instagram – @lovecoach.radiohost

Guests I am looking for:

  • Experts in life, love, relationships and/or sex.
  • Interesting stories on people living their life in unusual and positive ways.
  • Authors who have written about life, love, relationships and/or sex.
  • Practitioners who have tools to help listeners live and love more easily and in a more positive way.
  • People who have a product which helps people live with more passion in their lives
  • People associated with organizations that help people improve their lives
  • Ordinary People living Ordinary lives with Extraordinary Outlooks

How being a guest benefits you:

  • Information about you will be mentioned during the show – your website, book, link or phone number as requested by you.
  • The show may be rebroadcast (minimum 4 times that week), added to my coaching and radio websites and social media. Each show is heard by tens of thousands of listeners.
  • The show is also submitted to 16 podcast directories – including the top sites and TuneIn. They are listed here –
  • A show post promoting the show will be submitted on my Love Coach and my radio show blog where an MP3 archive of the show will be added after the show airs.
  • I encourage you to link to your show page on your website or I can send you the embed code to add an MP3 player on your website with the show.
  • The show will also be re-aired on Fame Music Radio which is the largest indie music station in South Africa where the show is syndicated. It airs in over 159 countries and is also airing on TuneIn.


Tips for you to be a better guest:

  • You and I will have a conversation. I don’t like anything to sound rehearsed – just two people talking about relevant topics.
  • If you are stuck with a question, just say so, or ask for clarification on the question.
  • Relax and breathe!
  • Please speak your point clearly and succinctly. Often less is more.
  • Come prepared with stories, tips or tools the listener can relate to. The idea is to give the audience something they can put into practice in their lives immediately. On that note – I often have a couple of minutes at the end of the show for a “love work” assignment. If you have an exercise you would like to share, let me know.
  • The more you share of you and your work, the better the audience can relate to you.
  • You can ask them to buy your book or sign up for your newsletter at the end of the show – but in the rest of the show, it is about sharing great information with the listener and building your credibility as an expert. Once they understand you know what you’re talking about, they are more likely to look deeper into your work and what you have to offer.
  • In other words – give them a reason to explore your information more fully.