What Holds You Back From Dreaming Big with Bryn Brown

Do you dream big for yourself? If not, why not? As children, we likely all had dreams about what we would do and what we would become, but as we get older, that often changes. We also may dream big about our jobs, but what about your personal life? Do you dream big about your personal life? As little girls, many times we dream of a big fancy wedding. But do you dream about what your life will be like after that?

In this show, my guest Bryn Brown and I will talk about dreams for your life – as an adult. Let’s pull back the curtain and talk about dreaming big in the adult world and get serious about how to reach for big dreams in a real way that will help you get what you want in your life!

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Questions and Topics Include –

  • 3 main things that hold us back from dreaming big:
  1. Lack of clarity about what we really want
  2. Limiting Beliefs about what is possible (conscious or unconscious)
  3. Fear of Failure or Success
  • What do you find holds your clients back from dreaming big the most?
  • How do we figure out what we really want?
  • How do you help people dream bigger in love?
  • What about the importance of being realistic in their dreams?
  • Why do you think people hold back more in their relationships versus career?
  • What role does masculine and feminine energy play in dreaming big?
  • What do you suggest someone do if they are stuck in fear?


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About Bryn Brown – 

Bryn Brown, a Denver-based life and love coach specializing in all matters of the heart. With a focus on self-love, she helps her clients ignite their passions, recover from heartbreak, date with integrity, find their soulmate and create soul-centered relationships in all areas of life.

As an expansion on romantic love, her work also guides high-achieving individuals to find passion in their career, incorporate a greater sense of purpose in their daily lives, find more time for the things they love, improve relationships at home and work, and redefine their legacy.

Throughout her career, Bryn has held a number of corporate positions in business development and eventually found herself managing multi-million dollar accounts. In a effort to find her own purpose, she eventually started working in non-profit. In this role, she works directly with high power executives to develop corporate giving platforms and employee engagement strategies that foster a stronger sense of purpose and giving within major organizations.

Bryn is a Certified Love Attraction Coach and Leadership Love Attraction Coach Trainer, trained and certified by the internationally acclaimed coach and best-selling author Kathryn Alice.

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