BioHacker and Wellness Coach Lane Kennedy

In this podcast we’ll meet Lane Kennedy, she is a bio-hacker and a wellness coach. We will discuss what that is and what she does – and how these things can help improve your life and how she uses these skills to improve the lives of her clients. We even discover some interesting and unusual things we have in common 🙂

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These are a few of the questions we discuss:

  • What lead you to this sort of work?
  • Do you have a specific niche?
  • What lead you to this niche?
  • Who are your favorite type of clients?
  • Have you grown from the challenges in your life?
  • What proves this is the type of work you’re meant to do?
  • What is a primary reason relationships don’t succeed?
  • What are some suggestions for people to turn their lives around?

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Some Thoughts from Lane Kennedy – 

In my time on this planet, I’ve lived a lot of life. I think life is an equal opportunity employer – itlane-kennedy
gives us all the same 24 hours, right? I’ve chosen to live mine to it’s fullest. I’m in every second of the day, because that’s how I achieve clarity, and I’ve learned that clarity brings decisions that change life.
As a trusted wellness coach and bad-ass biohacker, I will help you make your own positive changes to get on a path, up your level of thinking, upgrade your body and health, and live in a state of high performance – permanently. Don’t worry if you feel like the straw has already broken and you’re at your wit’s end. Trust me, I’ve been there – that feeling of utter hopelessness – but I fought hard, experimented, tried and tried again, and dug deeper than I ever thought possible to come up with bulletproof methods to show you that you can do it all!
The Mind is a Powerful Force
Over the years I’ve come to know that I have a single intention, that intention is to help people.
Simple, right? No fame, no glory, no outlandish recognition, simply helping people become
better at who they are in the world. Are you at your best right now?
The past twenty years have been rife with practical experience, while mastering and acquiring
knowledge that is required to live in today’s overstressed tech’d-out world. I’ve been fortunate
enough to spend hundreds of hours learning about hacking our human potential. I was one of the
first women to go through Dr. Sara Gottfried’s Hormone Cure practitioner course, learning the
Gottfried protocol while gaining a deeper understanding of the female’s delicate hormonal
cascade, and the many imbalances that occur at any given time.

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