Is Your Life on Default with Rhonda Farrah

Is your life on default? You probably wonder what I mean by that? Is your life in a rut? Is it just the same thing day after day, week after week, month after month? Do you never venture “outside of the box”? Has your life become predictable? Then you need to listen to this show.

Thursdays 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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Questions We Discuss

  • How did you get into the relationship field?
  • How does a person realize they are stuck on “default” in their life?
  • What point do you think people have to be at before they are ready to actually make a difference?
  • What is Dianna Dorell’s “I’m not crazy” journal?
  • What if they are ready for a change but their partner isn’t?
  • What’s your philosophy for Well-Being?
  • What are your tips (or secrets) for effective change?
  • What do you think about the book, The Secret?
  • Define Happiness for us!

About Rhonda Maria Farrah

Rhonda Maria Farrah MA, DRWA is a visionary and inspirational leader who has spent years studying how the Power and impact of the mind and Spirit is crucial in creating personal & professional success…That LIFE we Desire, rather than merely living a life of default.  Rhonda’s success philosophy is Simple; Identify & Live your deepest Passion while striving for balance in all areas of your Life.

Rhonda applies her experience and education as a LIFEstyle Coach, Author, Speaker, and licensed Art of Feminine Presence™ teacher specializing in Wellness Empowerment in body, mind, Spirit, relationship, and society.  She is the Author of  her Forthcoming Book How To Live & LOVE During The Process of Divorce…A Journey In Healing & Transformation. Rhonda assists women (and men) in utilizing their Authentic Power from within, actualizing their Essence & desires.  She has a demonstrated talent for inspiring and guiding individuals in a positive direction for betterment. Her Spiritual strength, through a variety of personal & professional LIFE challenges, has enabled her to turn adversity into opportunity. Rhonda’s creative endeavors are dedicated to individual Empowerment and the collective conscious evolution of humankind, so we may align perfectly with our Source, fulfilling our Purpose while enjoying its Process.

Rhonda welcomes you to contact her at

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