Deliberately Attract Your Soulmate with Dina Robison on Ready for Love Radio

Dina Robison, a law of attraction coach, joins Love Coach Nikki Leigh on Ready for Love radio in this podcast.

Some of the topics for conversation include:

  • What is a soul mate and soul mate relationship.
  • What is the law of attraction, what it isn’t, and how most people get it wrong.
  • Why dating rules don’t work for attracting a soul mate partnership.
  • What it means to really be “ready for love.”
  • Where sex fits in with soul mate attraction and maintaining a long term partnership.

Ready for Love Radio airs Mondays – 7 pm Pacific/10 pm Eastern 

If you missed the podcast – click below to listen to the MP3

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Dina Robison is a law of attraction coach that guides women to deliberately attract a soul mate and life their soul desires.  After struggling in the area of love and relationships for many years Dina took a long journey – and break from dating – to re-connect with her soul’s true longings and then attract her soul mate.  She discovered that what really worked this time was the opposite of what she usually read or was told about dating – and it was a lot easier than most people would think!  Dina inspires women to unleash their real, loving heart and harness the law of attraction to attract their soul mate partner and a fulfilling life.  She is a certified coach from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy and has successfully guided clients through the attraction and dating process, and into wonderful relationships. Dina is joyfully married and living in Sunnyvale, CA.  Please visit her website at


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