Domestic Violence Survivor and Coach Susan Ball

Domestic violence is a topic people don’t like to talk about. Its swept under the rug and hidden for years. But it needs to be discussed – people need to know there are options. They need to know what to look out for and what to do when they realize there is a problem. They need to know when and how to help their children. We answer these questions and more on this week’s show with my guest Susan Ball. She shares her story, the things she learned and how she works with her clients.

Below I share resource phone numbers, website links, a link to the article I mention in the interview, Susan’s links, my Love Accept & Respect yourself program and the replay will be posted below. I’m also including a link to download a FREE copy of one of my e-books for anyone.

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Victim Mentality vs Survivor Mentality Article

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Domestic Violence Resources in the US and Canada

Domestic Violence Support in Canada

Domestic Violence Support in the United States

About Susan Ball

Susan Ball transcends the current support for survivors of toxic and abusive relationships who do not want to be defined as a victim even after they have left the relationship.

She facilitates her clients to not only reclaim their life before abuse, but gently champions them to design and step fully into a big, bold, blissful life of their choosing.

Susan’s exclusive Rebel Thriver program supports women to move out of Victim’Hood and into radiant, unconditional self-love.

The result is that they can attract the right people into their life, experience increased confidence to say no without feeling guilty and create an identity that is not tied to a past negative experience.

Susan is a skilled and experienced coach and NLP Practitioner, as well as being a survivor of an abusive relationship herself.  She brings this intuition along with proven strategies to her work, much to her clients’ delight.

She is the author of Courage & Grace: Disrupt Your Victim’Hood, Embrace Your Rebel Thriver set to be released November 14, 2016.

Susan is a regular contributor to Thrive: Live Life Fearlessly, Huffington Post, and dreams of living off the grid in her ‘Tiny Wrecky House’.

Contact Info:

Rebel Thrivers on Facebook has changed to Broken to Blissful

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