Dyan Garris Shares Her Toolbox

Join Certified Love and Relationship Coach, Nikki Leigh, for an interview with Dyan Garris. They talk about spirituality, manifesting, relaxation and meditation music development, and much more.  You can find out more about Dyan Garris at www.dyangarris.com. She shares details about the many tools in her “spiritual toolbox”.

We delve into your inner self, your motivation, entitlement, self-empowerment, manifesting and much more.

Learn more about Nikki Leigh’s work at www.lovecoachjourney.com

Simply click http://newvisionsradio.com to listen on the website.

If you miss the airing on New Visions Radio – click the link below to listen to the MP3 of the podcast.

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Listen Monday nights at 7 pm Pacific/10 pm Eastern for each new show.

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