Female Sexuality is the Topic of Conversation

Female sexuality is a mystery to many, many men and women. In this Ready for Love podcast we are going to dig into some of these mysteries. My guest, Dr LeslieBeth Wish and my co-host Pamela McKenzie join me for a lively, interesting and informative discussion about female sexuality. I’ve included some of the questions we discussed below to whet your appetite.

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Some questions we discuss on the show –

  • What is really wrong with sex too soon in a relationship?
  • Can sex be great in a not-so-great relationship?  Why?
  • Can sex be disappointing in a good relationship?  If so, what do you do about it?
  • What sexual preferences of your partner are wise to avoid?
  • What are some tips for handling first-time sex with a new partner–when you are already in bed/on the couch, etc.?
  • What are some ways of addressing your sexual needs for the first time with a new partner–before you get into a “compromising” position?
  • How do you bring up the topic of your sexual needs that might be–well–not so “mainstream?”
  • What do you do about infrequent sex?
  • How do you spice up ho-hum sex?
  • What is a healthy number of times each week for a couple to have sex?
  • What can we share to help women that want to learn more to increase their ability to have orgasms ?
  • Can we offer women tips to help them learn to masturbate and to increase their self-pleasure?

About Dr LeslieBeth Wish Ed.D.

Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, Ed.D. is an award-winning and nationally recognized author licensed clinical psychotherapist, specializing in helping you get smart, brave and intuitive in your love, life and work.  Dr. Wish is the author of her book, “Smart Relationships,” which is based on five years of research with thousands of couples.  The National Association of Social Workers has placed her on their list of the Top Fifty Who Have Contributed to the Profession.  She is also the subject of biographical entry in many of the Marquis Who’s Who Publications for her pioneering work with women.

To receive 3 gift books and learn about her next project on training your love intuition, sign up on her website, www.lovevictory.com






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