Fertility Awareness with Hannah Ransom

How much do you actually know about fertility, birth control and how the female body actually functions? After the research I did for this show, I can tell you that I really didn’t know much, and I’ve lived in a female body for 50 years ūüôā There is much more to learn and I just ordered a book titled Taking Charge of Your Fertility by¬†Toni Weschler which was highly recommended by Hannah Ransom, my guest this week on Ready for Love radio.

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Hannah is a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator and in just the hour we talked and in the hour and a half of videos in her fertility mini course (which we’ll tell you all about in the podcast), she told me about all sorts of things I had no idea about. Whether you’re:

  • A woman who wants to find out about birth control options without hormones
  • A woman who wants to understand how her body works better
  • A woman who wants to understand how her body will function monthly over the next several decades during her childbearing years
  • A woman who wants to plan a family and her pregnancies
  • A woman who is facing peri-menopause and would like to get a handle on her fluctuating hormones
  • A man who loves a woman and would like to better understand her hormones and bodily changes

I highly recommend you visit Hannah’s website to learn more about her work and definitely sign up for her free mini course. There are a services of videos to help you determine if her information is right for you and if you want to learn more She also has a more in depth program that may be of interest to you.

Hannah’s website

Sign up for Hannah’s FREE Mini Class

Sign up for Hannah’s ¬†Fertility Awareness Program¬†

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Hannah Ransom Bio –

Hannah Ransom is a certified fertility awareness educator obsesses with helping women feel good about their birth control decisions and confident and empowered in their bodies. She loves reading a good scientific study, eating lots of food, hiking, knitting, and her guilty pleasure is Gilmore Girls. She is the creator of the HER fertility program, made to help women learn and understand fertility awareness without the confusion that often comes along with it.

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