It is my pleasure to offer you the first part of my Love, Accept and Respect Yourself program. This is a program I put together to help people learn to find a deeper relationship with themselves and work through issues they may or may not realize are holding them back from find the life they desire. This was a personal struggle for me for many years and I want to help people find the information they need too.

Below you will find the download link for the full workbook for part one and the link to download a one hour audio from my radio show which has a full overview of the program and also information from me about learning to love yourself. I also included a bonus e-book that explains love coaching titled Learn to Love Yourself.

How Do You Learn to Love Yourself e-book Download Link – Part 1 Love Accept and Respect Yourself Program

Love Accept and Respect Yourself in the New Year – Nikki Leigh (Audio)

Learn to Love Yourself e-book Download Link

If you’d like to know more about my background and the program, below is a video I put together where I tell you a bit more about both. Below the  video is a special offer on the full program.

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