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June 8, 2017 –


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About Theresa Vargo 

The Art of Intimacy is a journey home to our truest, happiest and most fully expressed selves. I work with individuals and couples to reconnect with your life force and uncover the truth of what you want,heal past and present pain. From this place, you will have access to more vibrancy, calmness ,connection and freedom in relationship to yourself and others.

MY STORY After earning my BA from an esteemed photography institute, I spent my life safely witnessing the world from behind the camera. I ran from my pain, trauma and fear for most of my young and adult life, leaving me in a state of constant anxiety. My life decisions came from the core belief, “I am not enough.”

For 12 years, I was in a marriage without intimacy or sex. My partner was terminally ill and I took on the role of caregiver for many years. The catalyst for healing came with the birth of our two daughters: I wanted to be the best mother, mentor and guide possible for my girls. I had an inner knowing that this was not who I wanted to be and a better life could exist. It was time to upgrade my tools.

This inquiry led me to a decade of seeking out world renowned healers and multi university style certifications to understand how relationships work. I began to follow my passion and purpose, making huge strides to create a new life. I opened new doors and took courageous steps to change my life, leaving my husband and taking flight into the world that had been calling for many years.

I left for Peru to study clairvoyance, intuition, spirit medicine and guides with an Amazonian tribe. I left no stone unturned in my self discovery. Today I know how to love, share intimacy and create desire from a place of truth. I live in peace, happiness, freedom, and autonomy to be whoever I want to be. I found my light and began the journey to create Art of Intimacy for people who want to find their own love, healing and light.


  • Certified Co Active Coach
  • Shamanic Training Peru, Medicine and intuitive training
  • Love Coach Academy mentorship program
  • Academy of Intuitive Medicine
  • Hai Global, Intimacy, Love and Sexuality workshops
  • The Intimacy Forum
  • The Center of Spiritual Health
  • Master Reiki certification
  • BA degree in art and science
  • Over 100 workshops in the field of Tantra,connection,intimacy/sexuality