Gurutej Talks About Yoga and Mental Clarity on Ready for Love Radio

One of the most colorful and informative people I know is Gurutej. She has a wealth of information to share on so many topics that will help you – but on this podcast we focus on yoga and mental clarity.

You can find out much more about her below –

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The main page of her website explains her mission so well that I’ll share it with you below –


Gurutej, literally means “to take you from Overwhelmed to Inspired at the speed of light.” If you are ready to shift then this is for you.

We all have blank pages, The places we just never seem to feel empowered in. If any of these resonate with you then you are in the right place to be supported in turning your biggest “problems” Into your greatest gifts.

Do you identify with any of these feelings?
  • Feeling depressed or inadequate
  • Not realizing your potential
  • Having inapropriate or disconnected relationships
  • Disconnected from your life or purpose
  • Unfilled in your job or worse your life
  • Lots of financial challenges
  • Judgmental of yourself
  • Health challenges
Are you ready to shift and turn your challenge into an asset. To truly live to your destiny?
  • Do you want the rest of your life to be the best of your life?
  • Feel hopeful and retrieve yourself
  • Reconnect to your Inner Wisdom
  • Allow financial abundance to flow to you
  • Have the support you feel you need and deserve
  • Fulfilled relationships
  • Be healthy

Then you are in the right place.

I am here for you.

Please check out the programs I have created for you. Starting with the one you feel most connect to. Let your intuition guide you.

To your empowerment


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