Bower Bird and the Male Erotic Journey with Christopher Hoffman

In this Ready for Love Radio show we’ll talk about … books, bower birds, Ryno motorcycles, engineers, and the male erotic journey… you know you’re curious. My guest is Christopher Hoffman – he’s an author, an innovator, founder of Ryno Motors, and is going to talk to us about the male erotic journey and his perspective on engineers which is unique.

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If you missed the show and the replays, the archive is posted below.

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Some of the things we’ll discuss –

  • Tell us about your book Heart in Gear
  • What is this Ryno motorcycle you designed?
  • Tell us about the bower bird and the bower
  • How can men reclaim their erotic dignity?
  • Let’s talk about false peacocking
  • How can we give power back to women – I love this concept!
  • How do you model vulnerability?
  • Let’s talk about understanding ourselves and then creating real honest connections

To learn more about Christopher Hoffman –

About Christopher Hoffman

As an innovator and author Chris Hoffmann has appeared on network television programs such as the Today Show, Discovery Channel and the Gadget Show as well as the San Francisco TEDx Presidio stage. Chris’ life is defined by innovation and entrepreneurship steeped in a dedication to discover his erotic awareness. After barely making it out of high School, he went on to design industrial robotics for fifteen years in the Detroit Auto industry. He then went on to six years in technology and consumer product design, with a three year immersion in a skunk-works like innovation lab before founding a globally-positioned personal-transportation technology start-up, RYNO Motors. That’s when Chris woke-up and started questioning the world he had built around himself.

Currently, Chris is focused on writing and speaking to diverse audiences around the world on his main passions: innovation, erotic awareness and the courage to be vulnerable. Speaking talk titles include; The Vulnerability of Innovation, The Future of Urban Transportation and Know the Socket before Designing the Plug.

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