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HSTNG LOGO_FinalHotPinkWe never think it can happen to us, we don’t think it can happen in our town, it can’t happen to anyone we know…. But it can. Young women go missing. Sometimes they are found and come home safe and sound. Other times they come home, but have been hurt. Other times they don’t come home at all.

On this podcast of Ready for Love Radio – I invite you to join me for an interview with one of the admins for Help Save the Next Girl – they are an organization that was created by the parents of Morgan Harrington after she went missing from a Metallica concert in Charlottesville VA. Even after their daughter’s remains were found – they wanted to find a way to “Help the Next Girl”. The next girl was Alexis Murphy from a very small town in rural VA.

Join us for this discussion about cases from Central VA and with tips to help young women understand the need to be cautious and aware of the things happen around them, their safety and the safety of their friends. We also have a 20 year old young woman join us on the call and she will share her thoughts on this urgent topic that any young woman and the people who love them… need to hear.  Also – check out the Help the Next Girl Pledge Posted below –

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