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My guest for this podcast of is Laurie Loveman on Ready for Love radio. I’m Nikki Leigh – your host and a Certified Love Coach.

We talk about love, relationships, divorce, deciding that a couple are better as friends than a married couple, maintaining a friendship after divorce, online dating, rediscovering yourself in marriage and after marriage and divorce and much more.

Join us Thursday nights 6 pm PT/9 pm ET

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About Laurie Loveman – 


I’m the redhead and this is my experience going through several years of Kindle Ready Front Cover JPEG_5680675a divorce process and trying to regain the self-assurance and confidence I used to have before my marriage. It was critical to my future that I accomplish this, and after a brief introduction, my memoir begins at the time my former husband and I determined our best future was not as a couple.

Our friends’ daughter dies in a house fire and that sets me off on a quest to find out how fire departments operate.  My research takes me LL Photo by M Kain 9-05 CROPPEDfrom a role as a visitor at the Shaker Heights, Ohio Fire Department to a member of the firehouse family.  Over the course of the years 1981 through 1983, I am forced, through no-nonsense treatment, to once again become a strong, self-sufficient woman.

I got help from another very special being, my horse, Amigo, who was my sounding board and my confidante.

The chapters are divided by years and my firehouse experiences, my marital ups and downs, and my moments with Amigo are interwoven throughout this journal of reawakening, of reclaiming the person I once was.








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