Increase Passion and Intimacy in Your Long Term Relationship

Join me on Ready for Love radio for my interview with Todd Creager – marriage & sex therapist.

We will discuss maintaining or adding more passion and intimacy to your long term relationship.

  • Why is it hard to keep passion alive?
  • How to develop “emotional muscle”?
  • Have effective communication
  • Perceptions of your partner
  • What is romance?
  • Keep romance alive in relationship
  • Be courageous & experimental

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About Todd Creager –

Todd Creager - Marriage and Sex TherapistTodd Creager is a marriage and sex therapist who helps couples create loving and passionate long term relationships and helps single people find their soulmate.  He has a talent for helping people become motivated to create new patterns in their lives that lead to more satisfying relationships and experiences.  He is the author of “The Long, Hot Marriage,” a highly endorsed and regarded book for couples and his brand new released book, “Love, Sex and Karaoke- 52 Ways To Ignite Your Love Life.” He has a private practice in Huntington Beach, CA and has been helping couples and individuals for 30 years both in person and via Skype. In addition to his private practice, he helps people via teleseminars and webinars, live events and other informational products.

He has been a guest as a relationship expert on many radio and TV shows including the FOX Morning News, KCAL 9 in LA, Playboy Radio, and was a featured therapist on the show “Unfaithful” on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

He has been a keynote speaker and has done hundreds of talks at conferences, meetings of all sorts and professional trainings.  He also trains seasoned therapists as well as beginners in the field of psychotherapy. Lastly, he is an instructor at the USC School of Social Work, helping graduate students learn the theory and practice of becoming professional therapists.

The Long, Hot Marriage

The Long, Hot Marriage is all about creative relating-out of the bedroom and ultimately in the bedroom. From being creative and imaginative in how you perceive your partner to creatively and maturely dealing with emotional pain, you can develop a strong emotional connection to each other which forms the foundation of a passionate, long-term relationship. With this foundation in place, you can create a romantic, sexually creative relationship, use your sexual relationship for spiritual and emotional growth and increase your capacity to give and receive love and pleasure.

Love, Sex and Karaoke: 52 Ways to Ignite Your Love Life

Love, Sex and Karaoke is a book to keep you on your romantic, sexy edge. It assists you in reaching your interpersonal potential. Why settle for a boring, routine intimate relationship when you can take that same relationship and turn it into a stimulating, love-filled, joyful experience?

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