My Goals as a Love Coach

I have struggled with how to explain my personal goals and focus as a love coach or a relationship coach. After the wonderful changes I’ve seen in my own life and my attitude, I realize its important to pick the right “focus”. Each love coach that I’ve spoken to — has a specific focus, so I had the task of explaining what I want to focus on. That doesn’t mean that I can’t help people with other problems and concerns — but this explains what I’m thinking. I’d welcome your thoughts.

My Love Coach Bio –

What is the most important relationship in your life? We love our family and we all have friends that we love. The relationship with our significant other, husband, wife, or partner is one that we need to nurture and build. But how many people do you know in unhappy or unhealthy relationships?

Many of us grew up in a household where our parents stayed together “for the children”, but we knew they were unhappy. Did you grow up promising yourself that you would never make those same mistakes? You’re in good company if you did – but many people do not have the knowledge they need to have a successful, long term relationship. So, do you just continue to stay in an unhappy relationship? Do you leave someone you love because you just can’t figure out the problems? Or, do you have another choice? Yes – you do have a choice.

There are many possible reasons why a relationship is especially rocky and difficult. I found long ago that if you don’t feel good about yourself – dare I say, if you don’t love yourself – it is very difficult if not impossible to be in a healthy relationship with someone else. Growing up, I was taught all the things that “good girls” don’t do. I was also told that anyone who does certain “unapproved” things – is a bad person. Many people have similar experiences, but what can you do about these things?

In some religions, some societies, and some families, you will be treated badly, talked down to or even banned – for “unacceptable” behavior. This often leads to excessive sexual guilt that can wreak havoc with future relationships. It can lead women to feel they shouldn’t enjoy sex, it can lead to “sexless” marriages where both partners are unhappy and it can lead to many other issues in your relationship.
People seldom feel this is something you would talk with a psychiatrist or psychologist about – and it certainly isn’t something that you would talk to your minister about. So, what option do you have? You can schedule an appointment with a love coach – also known as a relationship coach.

As a relationship coach – I work with people to help with many different problems. Some of the things I like to focus on include:

  • Learning to love yourself and accept yourself as you are
  • Learning to get in touch with your sexuality and “feel comfortable in your own skin”
  • Learning to deal with inhibitions and/or self esteem issues
  • Helping men and women better understand their sexuality and how it affects their lives
  • Work with individuals or couples, to build a solid foundation for a long term relationship.

The building blocks of a solid relationship can include: learning to flirt (for new or established relationships), successful dating (for new or established relationships), learn to communicate effectively, develop a real intimacy with your partner, the art of kissing, understand and develop a lasting love, learn the skills and emotions of stimulating foreplay, how to enrich your life as a couple and much more.

I would be very happy to provide a 20 minute consultation to discuss your concerns and whether I can help you. I meet with clients in a variety of ways: instant message, chatting, phone or in person (if feasible). I am located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Feel free to contact me at and you can visit my blog at for posts on a wide variety of relationship topics.

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