Naked Truth About Men and Improve Your Communication

Kathryn Foster Ph. D., the author of the Naked Truth About Men, is my guest this week on Ready for Love radio. We share a fascinating conversation about how the inherit differences between men and women cause some interesting conflicts in our relationships. But the more we learn and understand these differences, the more we can understand one another and we can make a success of our relationships – but it takes some extra effort. The information she shares in her book is fascinating and I think you will really enjoy it.

Due to a technical glitch, I have the opportunity to share a clip from one of my favorite original shows about improving your verbal and non-verbal communication with my long time friend Tova Feder. Tune in for both of these fascinating segments on this podcast of Ready for Love radio.

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About Kathryn Foster Ph. D. 

Kathryn-Foster-Naked-Truth-About-MenKathryn Foster, Ph.D., is a psychologist in private practice in Ft Worth, Texas. With a masters degree in marriage and family counseling and a Ph.D. in psychology, she has practiced psycho-therapy for 27 years.

She is also the author of two novels of psychological interest: Sessions: Memoirs of a Psychotherapist and Finding My Way. She has written three nonfiction books: The Naked Truth About Men (And Romance,) What Women Want…. Really! (written for men but meant to be read by couples,) and When Your Relationship Changes (how to find strength when going through a break up.) Contact her through her website at

She describes herself as a pretty good yogi, a plant-destroyer, a constant re-decorator, a country western dancer, addicted to tea, and a lover of natural healing methods.

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