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Online dating has grown in popularity over the years. But even with all the popularity, there are still a lot of questions – so we’re going to answer a lot of questions about how to date online. We will also answer some questions about offline dating. You may even be surprised by the questions that will apply to either online or offline dating. I’m Nikki Leigh, your host and Love Coach. Join me, Georg Hegelmann, Frank Kermit and Jeffrey Platts for this lively conversation on Fame Music Radio…. you just never know what may happen.

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About Frank Kermit 

Frank Kermit is an expert Dating and Relationship Coach in private practice and the matchmaking industry for over 15 years.

Frank Kermit coaches men, women, singles, and couples for both monogamous and consensual non-monogamous lifestyles.

He has specialties in helping adult aged virgins enter the dating and relationships for the first time as well as developing and teaching his own original work based on his Emotional Needs Analysis Theories.

He is the author of over 20 books and 25+ audio programs and coaches clients worldwide through skype or phone, and appears regularly as a media correspondent for radio, print media and occasionally television.

His Website is www.FrankTalks.Com

About Jeffrey Platts

Jeffrey is a coach for successful single men who want to attract & build a relationship with a well-matched woman.  Women and relationships became his inspiration to dive even further into his personal growth journey. He started with the whole “pickup artist” phenomenon back in 2003. He did the bootcamps, the workshops, the constant going out to bars and clubs. But something always felt off. It wasn’t his vibe. So, he deepened his study through dozens of workshops and trainings in personal development, communication, sexuality, masculine/feminine dynamics, money and spirituality. Over the past six years, in addition to one-on-one VIP coaching, he has produced and led over 170 live workshops, day-long intensives for both men and women on dating, sex and communication. His work & writing have been featured on Huffington Post, Washington Post, ABC News, AskMen, Good Men Project.

His Website –




  1. Great website, how do you get all this info?I have read through a few posts on your site and I really enjoy your writing style. Thanks a million, keep up the great work.

  2. Wonderful website, how do u find all this information?I have read through a few posts on your site and I really enjoy your style. Thanks a million, keep up the great work.

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