Male Masculinity - Open Her by Karen Brody

Open Her with Karen Brody

Male masculinity is a topic for discussion on this Ready for Love radio podcast. Karen Brody is my guest and the author of Open Her – Activate 7 Masculine Powers to Arouse your Woman’s Love & Desire.  Why should men and how should men get in touch with their masculinity? How does it impact the women in their lives when their man understands and exudes their masculinity? We will discuss this and much more.

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Some of the topics we talk about –

  • What set you on this path?
  • What inspired you to write Open Her?
  • What difficulties did you face?
  • What was your highest purpose with the book?
  • What was your highest purpose working with men?
  • How do men react with a woman helping them with masculinity?
  • What has been your biggest personal challenge?
  • What have you learned about men that women would want to know?

Karen BrodyKaren Brody teaches a man how to embody his lost, or disengaged masculine powers, found in such irresistible masculine archetypes as The Artist, The Warrior and The Dark Knight, and to use these powers to deliver what women secretly want in love. Karen has helped thousands of men to claim their masculine power (in a good way), and to learn how to share their masculine gifts with women to ignite attraction, passion and love! Her book, Open Her, Activate 7 Masculine Powers to Arouse your Woman’s Love & Desire, is a must-read for any man who loves women, and wants a deeply-satisfied woman in his life.

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