Transform Pain to Power with Doris Helge

How many times have you or someone you know allowed pain to take over the positive parts of your lives? Pain can certainly be overwhelming…. But have you considered transforming that pain into power in your life?

I like to focus on ways for people to take more control of their life and to live a happier life. That’s why I wanted to interview Doris Helge on Ready for Love radio. Her book Transforming Pain to Power deals with that topic and offers interesting ideas for you to empower yourself and overcome the pain.

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A Message from Doris Helge –

“Take your first step right now to become The Powerful, Authentic YOU that you’ve always been destined to become! The freedom and joy you’ll gain from this book is almost indescribable. All of your relationships will magically transform. Once you discover Your Authentic Self, you’ll radiate joy and confidence that will attract whatever you desire . . . effortlessly.”

About Transforming Pain to Power 

Just as a battery can’t function without a negative and positive charge, our “negative emotions” are as essential to our functioning and health as our “positive emotions.” This book provides simple tools for exploiting every distressful event for personal growth. Readers learn to fully USE their emotions, versus feeling used by them. Those faced with loss of a relationship, job, or loved one; health problems; abuse; crisis; etc., find exceptional value. Top testimonials. Research-based, the book sparkles with powerful, unique insights. Packed with examples, illustrations, case studies, exercises, and appendices. A marvelous guide for developing emotional strength, achieving personal empowerment, and gaining freedom from self-judgment.

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