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On this show I’ll interview three musicians – Rebeka Rain, Mick Evans and Ray Powers – to get their perspectives on life, love and sex. Asking musicians about relationships can get interesting and entertaining but the conversation brought up some really great comments that I think you’re going to enjoy and there is plenty of laughter too. Come along with us and you just never know what Mick might say next, I mean, it is hard to tell what I might ask next 😉

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replay times Ready for Love Radio with host and love coach Nikki Leigh on New Visions Radio
If you missed the show on New Visions, its archived below.

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We’re going to talk about –

  • Open and honest communication
  • Time spent with a partner shouldn’t be “all about yourself”
  • “Love watching women being empowered and in control of their bodies”
  • How AA empowerment helped with sexual side of life
  • Orgasms opening up the mind
  • Empowered women
  • And much more….

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