Woman’s Best Kept Relationship Secrets on Ready for Love Radio

Love Coach and author, Jessica Dunagan, joins me tonight on Ready for Love Radio.  Her book Woman’s Best Kept Relationship Secrets is one of the things we will discuss. Other topics include:

  • Why you continue to attract the same kind of man over and over.
  • When to have sex and when not to.
  • What to do when they just disappear off the radar.
  • What bad habits woman have in love, and how to get there true love.
  • What are some of your secrets for woman to find there true love?
  • How do you rock your glow?
  • How do you describe patterns
  • What are examples of some patterns
  • How do you recommend that women change destructive or bad patterns
  • What are some things you call “proven tools”
  • and more.

The show airs Thursday nights

6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern

Listen live at www.newvisionsradio.com

If you missed the show – click the link below to listen to the podcast –

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About Jessica Dunagan – 

Jessica Dunagan is a seasoned relationship expert who helps woman see, and then break, their bad habits with men and dating. In this revolutionary, ground breaking book, Jessica guides you through her proven, step­by­step process to take you from where you are today to having your ultimate love relationship. Often it is the small changes that produce the biggest results. jessbookJessica is very raw and real in her approach (sprinkled with empathy and compassion.) There are no stones unturned. She will talk about it all:

Jessica Dunagan is an International Love Coach and has been coaching women their ultimate love relationship for over 12 years. She empowers women to open up their true selves, enabling them to create and get the love and respect they deserve in relationships.  Jessica’s website addresses – www.authorjessicadunagan.com & www.rockyourglow.com

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