Romance Thyself for Valentine’s Day with Scarlet Amor

Valentine’s Day can be a very happy time for many people, full of love, romance, gifts, flowers, fancy dinners, sometimes proposals and much more. But many other people it can be  sad time of the year. That difference can depend on my past, your age, your relationship status and many other reasons. But I like to find ways to try to break the mold and tackle different topics on Ready for Love radio.

This year during February we talked about divorced mom’s and having hot life and hot love with Mai Vu last week. This week we’re talking about Romancing Thyself with Scarlet Amor. Next week we talk with Anne Grey about “slightly older” sexy single women taking charge of their lives and having awesome lives and having a man in their lives because they want a man. And, the final week in February, Wendy Newman joins me for a conversation about Lessons Learned from the Land of Non-Monogamy. 

This show premiered Thursday February 9th, 2017 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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Romancing Thyself – there are many ways you can do this and they will help you to learn more about yourself. These are some of the questions we delved into in our conversation –

  • What is the Empowered Women in Love Program?
  • How can a person Romance Thyself for Valentine’s Day?
  • What are the 5 Love Languages?
  • How can we show “radical self love for ourselves”?
  • Why is it so important to understand our blind spots?
  • Do you have any self pleasuring tips?
  • To learn more about the 5 Love Languages – 
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Scarlet Amor is a Love Coach with the Empowered Women in Love Mastery Program for rock star single women seeking true lasting love. She pens racy (and sometimes hilariously disastrous) memoirs about her enlightening adventures exploring romantic intimacy and modern relationships as a path of personal growth and empowerment with a fun loving, spiritually sexy edge. Visit her juicy blog and download the Love Firestarter Kit at  


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