Senior Scams and Romance Scams on Ready for Love Radio

January 21st on Ready for Love Radio – we will talk about senior scams and romance scams. Let me say up front that the content in this show can benefit people on all ages. Many of the scams can target people of all ages and backgrounds. My guest is Curtis Bailey, an attorney in St Louis and the co-director of Senior Scam Action Associates.

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These are some of the questions about Senior Scams and Romance Scams we will discuss on the show –

  • How did an attorney got into this sort of work?
  • How large the problem is in the US?
  • What are some “red flags” or “dead giveaways” of a scam or fraud?
  • What emotional hooks do scammers use against seniors?
  • What is the key emotion for scammers to “hook” a target?
  • Are other groups impacted by these scams?
  • What legal documents are a key to helping prevent and to recover from scams and frauds?
  • What’s the most rewarding thing about his work?
  • And much more 🙂

You can get much more information about his work on these sites –

They have a podcast located at and on itunes at The other co-director, Art Maines, has a book devoted to this topic titled, Scammed:  Three Steps to Help Your Elder Parents and Yourself available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and

An interesting article about the automation of Russian Dating Scams –

About Curtis Bailey – Attorney and co-director of Senior Scam Action Associates

Curtis Bailey has practiced law in the metropolitan St. Louis area since 1991.  He helps individuals and families preserve their wealth by designing comprehensive estate plans so they can live prosperously knowing that the legacy they leave will benefit and enhance the lives of their loved ones.  He is co-director of Senior Scam Action Associates and is devoted to educating seniors, their caregivers and professionals that work with seniors about how to protect themselves from scams and fraud.  He is co-host of the Scammercast podcast on the 2 Guys Talking Podcast Network  at

He can be reached via email at, on Twitter (@BaileyLaw1), Facebook and Linkedin.

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