Sexy Music for After Dark

Nikki Leigh is a Certified Master Sexpert and a Certified Love Coach. She’s the host of Ready for Love Radio, the international radio show, streamed to over 160 countries each week between New Visions Radio and Fame Music RadioThe show has over 170 shows archived through 2017. She is planning to launch a new music show in 2018 and is currently reaching out to potential sponsors and advertisers. Nikki is putting together a press kit and full information for the show, you can request yours at

Nikki’s experience as a love coach transcends the topical ‘walls’ of intimacy and dating as she tackles a wide variety of topics, including ones that can be very difficult to discuss personally or professionally. Combine that with her experience as an interviewer and radio host, and it has helped her develop a winning combination with her Ready for Love radio show. That has created a successful radio show that has endeared her to millions of loyal listeners around the world and enabled her to attract feature guests with many different expertise, including a number of nationally and internationally known experts in their field. She brings this experience along with a sense of fun, a playful nature and a mischievous spirit to her latest endeavor – Sexy Music for After Dark – an edgy, sexy music radio show.

Going against the trend of doing a love song music radio show, Nikki is creating the “Sexy Music After Dark” radio show to feature edgier, sexy music in all genres, from numerous decades and including a wide variety of mainstream and indie artists from around the world.

As part of the show’s sneak preview on November 23, 2017 she is also releasing an e-book of “Sexy Shot Recipes After Dark”. An e-book with 21 shot recipes, unique videos showing how to make your own creative shot glasses and suggestions for sexy party favors. The e-book is now available in the Kindle store – She is also working on a more extensive book of Sexy Drink recipes that will be published in 2018. The 1 hour preview will air on New Visions Radio Network on Thursday November 23, 2017 at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET ( You can contact Nikki for more details about the show, or about being an advertiser or sponsor at Find out more about Nikki Leigh and her radio shows at,, and