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Do you share your fantasies with your partner? Are you worried about whether you should or can share your fantasies with your lover? Many people are afraid to share their fantasies – that is one of the things we will talk about on the show today. We will also tell you about a website where you can share your fantasies anonymously and where you can also read other people’s fantasies. Just to whet your appetite, we’ll share several with you on the show.

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LipsThese are a few of the questions we’ll discuss –

  • What prompted you to become involved in a love, relationship or sex related field?
  • In a few sentences, how do you describe what you do and how you help people?
  • How long have you been involved in this work?
  • What has been the hardest thing about your work?
  • What has been the most rewarding thing about your work?
  • Do you have a website and/or blog?
  • How could someone get in touch with you?
  • Have you written any books or developed any products?
  • What about your work, makes you happy to wake up every morning?
  • What proved that this work was what you were meant to do?
  • What do you think is a primary reason why relationships don’t succeed?

About Shared Fantasies Website and Jessa 

Twitter – erotica_editor
Jessa Sharpe, owner of Shared Fantasies, has brought her readers and contributors a safe place to share their sexual fantasies. After a long term relationship with her previous partner who couldn’t open himself up, Jessa knew she wanted to create a space for couples to share their innermost thoughts, desires, fantasies, and do it anonymously in order to open communication lines between couples.
Sexual fantasies are a healthy, normal part of coming into our own sexuality. Sharing sexual fantasies with your partner can be scary as it reveals private information about what turns you on, however the reward is stronger intimacy, crazy hot sex, and it opens the conversation for sexual exploration together.
When couples share their fantasies with each other openly, there is a higher level of emotional intimacy and connection that reaches beyond the bedroom.
Our contributors are real people, sharing their real fantasies. Reading erotica has been proven to stimulate the imagination and bring sexual satisfaction.
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