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Tune in to hear your Ready for Love host, Nikki Leigh, interview Shobhan Bantwal. Shobhan is a novelist that writes books that feature strong women in difficult situations. These woman are all part of the Indian culture and we see how their family, values, traditions and much more are impacted by their strong upbringing. I have to admit that I’ve loved Shobhan’s books since I picked up the very first one. The earlier books can be tough to read because of the subject matter – but she takes on tough and controversial topics with no apologies.

Tune in Thursday night, 6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern

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Just a few of the topics Nikki and Shobhan discuss, include:

  • Arranged Marriage
  • Gender Based Abortion
  • Dowry Brides
  • Family Tradition and its Influence
  • Gender Birth Decisions
  • Good and Bad Elements of Culture in India and Indian Families
  • Reactions to the Controversial Topics in Bantwal’s Books

You can visit Shobhan Bantwal’s website –

A Couple of Shobhan Bantwal’s Book Trailers – 

The Dowry Bride

The Forbidden Daughter


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