Surrogate Partner Therapy with Brian Gibney

Surrogate Partner Therapy is such a valuable service that is offered to people – but it is also so misunderstood. Recently I happened to discover there is a surrogate partner and intimacy coach living near me and I extended an offer to come on the show and talk with me about surrogate partner therapy. He agreed! On this episode of Ready for Love Radio, Brian Gibney will join for a conversation about how he got into this work, what is involved in becoming a surrogate partner, what the therapy includes and much more.

Thursday at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET

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Some of the things we discuss include –

  • What is surrogate partner therapy?
  • How would a person know they might need a surrogate partner?
  • What is the therapeutic triad? Why is it important?
  • What is IPSA?
  • Why did you want to become a surrogate partner?
  • What sort of training does one get to become a surrogate partner?
  • What issues can surrogate partner therapy help with?
  • What is the process of surrogate partner therapy?
  • What are the four phases of the surrogate partner therapy?
  • How long does surrogate partner therapy usually take?
  • How is the surrogate-client relationship different from the therapist-client relationship?
  • Is surrogate partner therapy ethical… is it legal?
  • What happens when feelings of “love” enter the surrogate-client relationship?
  • What is Sensate Focus?

For much more in depth information and personal stories about the history of surrogate partner therapy, I highly recommend Sex is the Least of It by Tova Feder and you can check out my interview with her –

Sex is the Least of It – Paperback

Sex is the Lease of It –  Kindle

About Brian Gibney 

Over the course of his adult life, Brian has worn many hats: research scientist (MA, Molecular biology; Masters, Microbiology), teacher, professional artist, performer, and parent. The common thread that has run through all of those vocations was the joy of learning, discovery, and improvement. Brian enjoys sharing stories, hopes, and dreams with others, realizing that these are common elements of the human experience that bind us all together. Brian believes that an essential part of that human experience is physical and sexual intimacy and is often overlooked in our society. In surrogate partner therapy Brian strives to utilize his unique skills, disposition, and life experiences to guide others around obstacles to emotional and physical intimacy.

Brian received his training in surrogate partner therapy from IPSA (the International Professional Surrogates’ Association) in 2016 and is currently in the intern phase of his work. Under the supervision of an experienced mentor, he works with female-identifying clients to aid them in overcoming obstacles that prevent them from experiencing healthy intimate relationships. Brian is also currently available for workshops (for couples and singles), lectures, and interviews.

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