Throw Back Thursday Sharing An Interview

I will share one of my first Love Coach interviews which I did in March 2011. We talked about the things that motivated me to pursue coaching and the training and reaching out to help people. We got into more detail about the atmosphere when I was growing up than I expected but those are all things that made me determined to pursue the training information and to share what I was learning. That atmosphere and the things I’ve dealt with and I’ve seen – are things that help me understand the importance of learning to accept and respecting yourself. The things we find so difficult – can be the things we understand so well in other people.

In this podcast I’ll also give a sneak peak into a surprise for my 100th show which will air at the end of July. For that show, I’m turning over the hosting duties to my friend and occasional co-host Pam McKenzie — for that show, she will be the host and she will interview me. And, we are putting out a request for you – the listeners – to send in your questions.  You can click the contact tab above and send your questions, send them to lovecoachjourney, or click the link on the right for my Facebook page for the show and send me a message there – which ever is easier. And, I won’t use any names on air with the questions. This is your chance to get your questions about love, relationships, intimacy and sex answered — I look forward to hearing from you.

So – tune in Thursdays at 6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern

If you missed the show, click here for the replay –

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