Unavailable Men with Pamela Vandervoort

Unavailable men and women are the topic of this podcast of Ready for Love radio. Pamela Vandervoort is my guest and the author of Girl’s Guide to the Unavailable Man: Debunking the Myth so You Can Find Happiness in Love.

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Some of the questions we discuss:

  • What is an “unavailable man”?
  • You have identified 3 levels of unavailable men? What are they?
  • You talk about inspiring unavailable man to commit? What does this mean?
  • How does someone avoid falling for an unavailable man?
  • In your E-book you talk about debunking the myth of the unavailable man? What do you mean by that?

Website URL www.datingfortruelove.com

Facebook URL https://www.facebook.com/pamelavandervoort

Twitter Name https://twitter.com/TrueLoveDating @TrueLoveDating

Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pamela-vandervoort-579a6144

About Pamela Vandervoort, MA, BA

Pamela Vandervoort is a dating and relationship expert. She has a bachelor’s degree in communication studies and a master’s degree in spiritual psychology. Pamela created Dating for True Love to help women date to meet their true love and create a happy, healthy fulfilling and empowering relationship. In this high-tech world that has inundated singles with so many choices, it can be hard to find a clear pathway to love, Pamela’s proven system has helped hundreds of women find lasting love. She has been featured by Blog Talk Radio, SW Experts, Amazing Women of Power Radio, National Association of Professional Women, Ladies Who Launch, Who’s Who Worldwide, SelfGrowth and YourTango.

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