When to Listen

Ready for Love Radio can be heard just about anywhere in the world that has an internet signal or has many different apps. It can even be heard in over 150 countries – so I’ll explain the ways you can listen below.

Ready for Love Radio Interviews Air on New Visions Radio based in New York, US

replay times Ready for Love Radio with host and love coach Nikki Leigh on New Visions Radio

Ready for Love Radio is syndicated on Fame Music Radio broadcasting out of Johannesburg South Africa, you can listen at the following times –

Mondays – 3 pm ET (US)/noon PT (US)/9 pm SAST (US)

Tuesdays – 3 pm ET (US)/noon PT (US)/9 pm SAST (US)

Wednesdays – 3 pm ET (US)/noon PT (US)/9 pm SAST (US)

Thursdays – 11 am ET (US)/8 am PT (US)/5 pm SAST (US)

Fridays – 4 pm ET (US)/1 pm (US)/10 pm SAST (SA)

1st Sunday of the Month on the Rendezvous Show 10 am ET (US)/7 am PT (US)/4 pm SAST (SA)

A Special Edition of Ready for Love On the Wild Side airs on Fame Music Radio the first Sunday of the month, broadcasting out of Johannesburg, South Africa. The show airs 10 am ET US – 1 pm ET US/7 am PT US – 10 am PT US & 4 pm CAT SA – 7 pm CAT SA