Why Create a Timeline for Your Life?

Do you over react to some things in your life? Are there certain places or things that bother you for an unknown reason? Do you wonder if things from your childhood could impact you later in life? Then join me on Ready for Love Radio.

I’ll share information about how things that happen during childhood can cause problems later in life. I also include tips on things to consider when speaking to children that are in our care. And – I share the details of one of my favorite client exercises. Its called a Life Timeline and I walk you through each step of what to do, how to do it and why I recommend you try this project.

Click below to hear the archive of the show. Click the link below the MP3 player for more details about the e-book about dealing with a troubled childhood and full details about developing your lifeline. The link to the full Love Accept & Respect Yourself program is also located below.

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Can I Move Past a Troubled Childhood – by Nikki Leigh

From the Love Accept and Respect Yourself Program – for more information, visit http://www.readyforloveradio.com/loveyourselfprogram/

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