Exploring Women in their 50s on Ready for Love Radio

Men often say they don’t understand women and that may be even more accurate when it comes to women in as they get older. Women may be even more confused about themselves as they get older.

I’m Nikki Leigh, a Love and Relationship Coach and the host of Ready for Love Radio . On this week’s podcast, I decided to tackle the topic of women in their 50’s on my show. I turned 50 a few months ago and it seems like it would be fun to get a couple of my female friends together to talk about what its like to be a woman in our 50s – and to share that conversation with my listeners.

We’ll start out with a list of things I want to talk about, but its hard to tell what direction the conversation may talk, but I feel confident it will be lively and unpredictable. Two of us are single and I posted an invitation on m Facebook account for a married woman in her 50s who would like to join us to talk about relationships, intimacy and sex on the radio – and I got a response…..  join us to see what happens.

I’ll include some links below to give you some additional information – and we’ll tease a couple of additional shows. There will be some more information coming up later that will tie back to this content too 🙂

This podcast will originally air Thursday April 7, 2016

9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific


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Roylin Down’s Store – http://www.trystology.com/

Roylin Down’s Blog – http://www.trystology.net/

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Nikki’s Kissing Report – http://www.amazon.com/How-Kiss-Head-Learn-Kissing-ebook/dp/B004R9Q72A/

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